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Not sure if you will believe this story....

Over the many years of being in weddings and special events I have accumulated stories that had joy, sadness and lots of love. One of these stories is none of the was pure CHAOS.

Mother and Daughter schedule a site tour only to change date and time three times.....this should have been my first clue.

Finally, we can present our beautiful venue and go over all the details. They were thrilled and at the end of the meeting they immediately booked a date, and may I add it was in prime season.

Less than two months before scheduled date I receive a phone call asking me if they could reschedule for later in the season. Somewhat disappointed as I would not have enough time to rebook the date I agreed to the change. Bride asked me “Are you sitting down”? If I wasn’t I was now anticipating some bad news regarding family. She said “I want to change the Groom”. “WHAT”? By now I was falling off the chair. Once I caught my breath, I wasn’t sure how to respond but I graciously said, “If that is what you want!” I am still in shock mode and was afraid to saying anything stupid...that was already done.

We went forward with redoing a contract and locking down a new date. Plans continue and the MOB is sending in deposits and selecting menus, linens, china etc. Everyone got back into happy wedding planning. NOT!! Bride calls me again within a month of the new wedding date and says we must cancel. “WHAT?” that became my go to word with the bride.

The Groom decided it was uncomfortable to be married in the same place that the other groom had selected. (Did I fail to mention this was his BFF?) We were not the only ones affected....photographers,

florists, caterers all had to switch up dates and as we did loose a booking for the first date.

By now word was out there amongst the vendors and no one wanted to rebook with them again. They had gone to another venue and booked and cancelled with them as well.

Last we heard they stood on the steps of City Hall wearing the gown from the first fiancé and going to a fast food for their dinner.

Here is hoping they found “Living Happily Ever After”.

When Mama T is in the house you never know what you will find out.

PS – There is more to this story but it is so bizarre that I couldn’t even write about leaving it to your imagination.

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