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Years and years ago it were only the men who had a Bachelor Party. Ladies had Tea Parties. UGH…little boring but appropriate during that era.

Then Liberated Woman started upping their Tea Parties to Cocktail Parties then inviting Male Dancers to perform.  Well you know what is happened since then…. Las Vegas, Reno, Cabo and on and on.

All good until a few single bridesmaids want to let their hair down because they have nothing to lose. Guys …well single or married they just want to get wasted and in the process take the Groom down with them.  The saying “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. NOT…. men love to pump their chest and tell everyone how COOL they were and all the details of what happened.  Have to say the ladies are a little more discreet and don’t want the friends to know they “don’t remember what happened”.

Trending for the future couples is combined Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties.  So far, I have met withmore than a few of the couples who have conquered this new trend and guess what? They are still getting married. In fact, they felt relieved they didn’t have to prove themselves to anyone about how much they could drink, did they get a lap dance or any of the other things that could cause chaos for the upcoming wedding. At one of the dual parties they had a male dancer and female stripper, but they kept boundaries, and everyone did nothing but laugh and have a night they all enjoyed.

By the time you set a wedding date all these fantasies and craziness should be out of your system.  You are not going to the death chamber; you are going to marry the person you love and believe me you will still feel the yearnings for being FREE but that only last for a while. If you truly found the right person things will fall in line. Good, bad, sad days will be a part of the journey and the Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, that you probably made a fool of yourself, is not what will bring you true love…it is what you felt in your heart when you realized that you loved this person and wanted to share your life with them.

So, don’t put fuel in the fire by making decisions that could ruin what will be that special “moment in time”.

You want help putting together a great dual event…. call me.

Mama T is in the house and will guide you along the way.

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