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Bridal Parties

How many is too many when selecting your bridal party?  Well if I had my say two is enough. But I have “no say” so let’s deal with where to draw the line.

When a little more mature (not saying older) you have probably been in a few weddings, so you feel you must invite them to be in yours. Or you have a ton of siblings and do not want to hurt any of their feelings. All these are valid reasons to have them be a part of your special day. So how do you start eliminating?  When it comes to family having the sister or brother closest in age be asked…. younger would be a cost factor for your parents and older may have families and expense would be an issue.  So that is one way to narrow down on family.

Friends…another story. You will notice when you set a date, especially girls, will come out of the woodwork and start calling and giving you leads on where and what to do.  This is a ploy to have you ask them to be in the wedding.  Look at the person who has been by your side through the highs and lows of your relationship, laughed when you were happy and cried when you were sad.  These are the real friends who will still be around when you start a family and be in the waiting room when you are in labor.  Someday I am going to reach out to those who had a zillion people in their bridal party and see which ones are still around.

This is your day and having larger groups takes away from attention being focused on you.  Once again I reflect on the ladies…no one can agree on the dresses, when planning your bridal shower only one or two will take the reigns and make it happen, bouquets are expensive, gifts have to be bought, bachelor parties can cause a real headache and the biggest thing is they are all Divas and do not give the bride her proper respect for her day.  Guys…always laid back and cool…no issues. But when you have to ask a bridesmaid to move away from the mirror so the bride can see how she looks…. pretty bad. Can you tell I am writing this during wedding season?  Have been dealing with this a lot lately.

So, as I summarize this topic it is my suggestion to keep the bridal party small and make sure they are your true BFF’s. Enjoy the times with them in the planning and the dress shopping…be able to listen to a few peoples advise and evaluate their suggestions.  Sure, beats listening to a mob and not understanding anything.

For me the planning of a wedding is such an adventure and it should be enjoyed not feel like it is a burden.  

I have said it before, and I will repeat it again….DO NOT say “I can’t wait for it to be over”. Cherish this time and stay in the moment.

Mama T is in the house and always ready to talk.

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