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Mama T is in the HOUSE

Well they tell you that somewhere around 65 you are supposed to retire. Not sure who made up those rules but unless you are sending me to jail….I will continue to do what I love and that is share and mostly TALK.

I have accumulated so much knowledge in the wedding and event industry that it would be a crime if I didn’t share it with others.

So, sit back and enjoy the ride as I am going to tell you stories, educate you a little on “How To” and just have some fun.

First about “me”. At a very young age my family members (Italians) were either in the food industry or customer service. Put them together and we created harmony – great food and personality together you have satisfied people. I think that is what attracted me to what eventually became my career. Weddings and Special Events.

Weddings is my number one passion. It is the start of another phase of people’s lives and being a part of this step into their future is exciting. For most brides this is a dream they have envisioned from a very young age and have played it over and over until it becomes a reality. From arriving at their wedding in a Cinderella carriage to riding off into the sunset on a white horse…. I have helped make these dreams come true.

As for Special Events…. well that is another whole adventure. Field produced several TV shows in the Philadelphia area and was Public Relations Director for the infamous Merv Griffin when he took over a Casino in Atlantic City. I will detail more about these individual events over time but for now I just wanted to say “HI” and we’ll talk more real soon.

“Mama T” is in the house and not going anywhere until my stories are told.

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