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I said "Yes," now what?

“She” said Yes, “He” said Yes, “They” said Yes...all I know is someone is getting

married and I love being a part of it.

After the “Yes” is confirmed the first thing on your agenda (After telling the family) is to

find a dress and venue. Why is this the first thing? Because they both set the tone for

what is to follow. (Dress -passing on this for a minute) Now if you are thinking of a

Castle wedding, you are not going to wear boots and cowboy hats and if a barn

atmosphere you are not going glitz and glamour. So, selecting the venue is primary.

Never decide on the first venue you visit. Take your time and visit a few in the area your

considering. Make a spread sheet and compare “apples to apples”.

List specific items that each venue offers. E.g. Meal choices, centerpieces, colored

linens, set-up, break-down etc. Most times packages incorporate the main items and

then the rest of the amenities are additional. So be sure each package includes the

same things and if you are adding on calculate those costs.

Coordinators – are they just for first hour or throughout the wedding?

Ask this question as most times they will provide a coordinator for ceremony and

introduction only. You have to be prepared if this is the case.

Request the vendors list from the venue selected. Do not contract a vendor that is not

recommended until you ask the venues opinion. For various reasons some vendors are

not allowed back. So be sure to discuss your choices before signing any contract.

After venue is secured start interviewing DJ’s (Music) and Photographers. If it is a large

group always request someone in the top 2 or 3 and personally interview them.

Now that is enough to get you started and we don’t want you to get overwhelmed.

Trying to do everything in the first few weeks will put you over the edge and we certainly

do not want that to happen.

Planning this special day is to be fun and memorable not stressful. Easy for me to say

because I have done it a few thousand times but for you it is foreign territory. Hope as

we go along, I can make it easier and have some fun.

“Mama T” is in the house and available for any questions as we travel this road


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