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Guest List Nightmare

Guest List Nightmare….

The word is out….you are getting married! Phone calls, emails, texts

start coming from people you haven’t seen or heard from in ions. You

start panicking and writing their names on your guest list. STOP.

Breath and start thinking about each name on your list and what they

mean to you.

Must list the following: immediate family, which includes parents,

siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles. When we get into cousins ….

think about the last time you saw them? Do they live in the area?

If your answer is:

Haven’t seen them in a couple years and they live out of town…. not

necessary to invite them. Ethnic families (mine included-Italians) think

that every person with DNA that matches yours must be included. Not

necessarily…. choose those that truly have meaning in your life.

The next set of names is for the “Singles”-“Bridal Party”. Eliminate the

PLUS 1. The only time you add that is if they are engaged, live with,

have shared a meal with you a few times and you like them. Do you know

how many times groomsmen and bridesmaids show up with someone

they just met and on the wedding day are introducing them to the

couple? That is such a NO NO. This additional person is costing you a

$100+ to sit at your table and share in this special day. These singles

can be single for another day….and if this bothers them…. then rethink

being invited or in the wedding party.

Initially when you set a wedding date restrain yourself from announcing

to acquaintances that you are getting married and they are all invited.

At the time you might be working somewhere and by the time of your

wedding might be in a different location and those co-workers might

not be as close to you as before. So, use the phrase “It’s a small family

affair”. This way they will not anticipate an invitation.

Guest list between families can be very challenging. Be sure each side

is aware of the number of guests they can invite…. this will minimize

arguments later. And if you know some of these guests can be a

problem, always let your wedding planner know so they can observe

them during the day to eliminate any problems. Believe me everyone

has a few of these on their list.

Once everyone is on the same page with guest list…. now you can start

having fun planning this special day.

Mama T is in the house and helping to eliminate a little of the

frustration. Always available to help.

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